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Fire Risk Assessment

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Fire Risk Assessment

In order to lessen the risk of fire and to protect the public, an Order, effective from the 1st October 2006, was passed making it a requirement that all non-domestic premises in England and Wales undergo a fire risk assessment.

This requirement applies to buildings rented or owned by employers and contractors (who have some control over the building), as well as charities, churches, community centres, volunteer groups and clubs.

The October 2006 Order places a 'duty of care' on the responsible person to complete a fire risk assessment of their premises. This person may be the owner of the building or, in the case of a club or community centre, a body or committee of persons.

A building's fire risk assessment will normally focus on the following:

  1. The means of escape (fire exit doors and stairs)
  2. The adequate provision of emergency lighting
  3. The fire fighting equipment
  4. The training of staff in fire protection
  5. The fire policy and procedures
  6. The electrically operated fire alarm and detection devices
  7. The mandatory fire signage
  8. The maintenance of all fire protection systems and fittings

Operating across Yorkshire, the highly acclaimed fire protection company, Fire Protection Supplies, are available to assist you with all your fire risk assessment needs. Our assessments comply with the BSI's document PAS 79-2007.

Our dedicated employees (some of whom also have qualifications in occupational health and safety) have extensive knowledge of the fire protection industry, and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you, at your premises, to carry out a physical fire safety assessment.

On completion, we then spend time running through our findings with you. This will include fire safety policies, procedures and fire safety maintenance of the building.

So why not contact the professionals at Fire Protection Supplies and let us prepare a detailed fire risk assessment for your premises. Contact Us today or call 01482 881515